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Kind words from repertory film fans on our film spreadsheets and schedulers.

 Nagah Salem in Gilded Youth, 1953.

"The repertory cinema scheduler is an excellent tool for anyone attending Il Cinema Ritrovato. When faced with a programme that is so densely packed with exciting cinema offerings across a wide range of venues, this scheduler offers a vital sense of clarity, instantly giving you an overview of where you can see film projections and when/if films are repeated. The clean and simple design of the spreadsheet makes it so easy to navigate through the programme and to make the most of your festival experience."

Philip Concannon, regular contributor to Little White Lies, Mostly Film, Sight & Sound and The Skinny. Member of The Badlands Collective. Attendee of Il Cinema Ritrovato since 2015 

"In my first (and far only) year at Il Cinema Ritrovato the scheduler was a lifesaver. It helped me pick the films I wanted to see, clearly demonstrating where the film will be shown, the time it will be screened and what stand it is part of. What's also useful are the finishing times, which allows you to plan how quickly you will need to rush to make the next screening! The Il Cinema Ritrovato Scheduler is a vital tool for managing the huge number of films available to you!"

Elliot Newton, repertory film fan and review writer at Myerla's Movie Reviews and Letterboxd. Attendee of Il Cinema Ritrovato in 2020

"London Repertory Film’ is an extremely useful resource. Even though I think I’m on all the mailing lists, there’s usually some interesting films I’ve missed. But what it beats hands down is my handwritten diary. Assuming I can read my scrawl over the rubbings-out, if I want to make a booking for one, I’ve still got to find that email to start. With the scheduler, I just sort it by date, hover over the film and click on the pop-up, and I can click through to make my booking."

Roger Macy, Film Historian and contributor to Senses of Cinema, Midnight Eye and The Independent. Attendee of Il Cinema Ritrovato for many years!

"I have been coming to the Ritrovato since 2018, and I am one of those cinephiles who plans my year around it, as it is the ‘must do’ event of the year for me. From the moment I first had sight of the online programme, it was love at first sight. Part of the thrill experience is also the exasperating experience of spending hours carefully studying the programme and trying to fit in as many films as possible, trying to work out finish times and walk times between cinemas. 


An invaluable tool at the my last trip to the Ritrovato - and something I wish I had from day one, as it would have made my first trip a lot less anxiety-inducing - was the fantastic scheduler put together by Jasmine and Alex at A perfect companion to the programme, it allowed me to quickly put together my very own personalised version of my scheduler. I could organise my daily schedule so I knew I wasn’t missing out on the important films I wanted to see, and that I could ‘curate’ my own personalised festival by focusing on the strands, eras or even film formats I didn’t want to miss. Did I mention how invaluable it also was having an estimate finish time for each screening? 

This was clearly a labour of love made my lovers of the Ritrovato for  lovers of the Ritrovato, and I really hope one day this becomes an official part of the festival experience.

Matheus Carvalho, Independent film programmer, The Vito Project LGBTQ+ Film Club at The Cinema Museum London. Attendee of Il Cinema Ritrovato since 2018.

"I am so grateful that this spreadsheets exists! I always need so much time to plan my schedule, this makes the process so much easier so I can plan all the brilliant retrospective films I want to see in Bologna."

Mosa Mpetha, film programmer for the Black Cinema Project, ICONIC Presents and Hyde Park Picture House. Attendee of Il Cinema Ritrovato since 2017.


We're grateful to all our supporters, but would like to express extra thanks to those who have been able to give us extra support:

Sueraya Shaheen - Photo Editor at Tribe Photo Magazine and Co-Founder SURA Art Advisory

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