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Repertory cinema listings
and film festival schedulers

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We highlight repertory film screenings in London by creating spreadsheets pre-sorted by screening date, film title, release year, cinema, format and shared with our members in a monthly newsletter. We also create bespoke film festival schedulers.


The project is the creation of Archivist Jasmine Soliman and Software Engineer Alexander Ross - for whom shining a spotlight on London's repertory film screening cinemas and enhancing access to screenings is a way of giving back to rep film fans who live in or visit the city. They also accept commissions to create film festival schedulers - Il Cinema Ritrovato scheduling spreadsheet, was accessed by an avergae of 1,000 attendees of the '22-'24 festivals.

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Why spreadsheets when there are cinema websites? For those that use screen readers, have visual processing disorders or ADHD; cluttered, image-heavy websites can be difficult to navigate. Spreadsheets allow for visually clear data and in the case of festival schedulers, can be duplicated easily so the user can keep or edit their own version. We use Google Sheets for accessibility for those that don't have Excel software and publish a free sheet every December.


To access the London repertory sheets, we ask that you become a supporter and help us make this work sustainable (for less than the price of a coffee!) through Patreon To see a sample of the sheets, check out the open-access December spreadsheetAny disabled/neurodivergent or student users, those of pensionable age or receiving financial support, please contact us directly. 


We've created film festival schedulers for Borderlines Film Festival and for three Il Cinema Ritrovato editions - they can include that include festival strand, start and end time (allowing for introductions) and allow for personal schedule creation in a click! Take a look at the samples below and get in-touch to tell us about your festival needs.

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We've been featured in Sight and Sound’s Weekly Film Bulletin ‘Editor’s Pick’ and Sight and Sound (June 2023) Taking Stock: How Projecting on Film is Making a Comeback by Charlie Shackleton

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