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Repertory Cinema London: Open-Access December 2023

In the spirit of the cinematic season we’ve made our last spreadsheet of 2023 open-access and free to all. We only ask that you consider supporting us in the new year so that we can continue this work and cover our costs. Membership is as little as £2.50 per month (annual) or £3.05 (monthly) - less than the price of a coffee! Consider buying annual membership as a Christmas gift to a film-loving friend

screenshot of annual membership page

Any disabled/neurodivergent or student users, those of pensionable age or receiving financial support, please contact us directly.


This month's London repertory cinema spreadsheet contains 600+ repertory film screenings programmed in December at 48 cinemas and screening venues across London. Please share this blog post (rather than the spreadsheet), check out some screening highlights in our newsletter and see FAQs below for further info.

We’ve added two extra tabs this month: one featuring Christmas classics, including those where that theme might be considered somewhat tenuous, and one excluding Christmas films which are being screened more than 10 times (listed below):

  • Die Hard

  • Elf

  • Home Alone

  • It’s a Wonderful Life

  • Love Actually

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

View all listings by:


  • Membership

    • Existing members - We thank our existing supporters/patrons, who will receive a refund for the month of December.

    • New monthly members - If you sign up to Patreon in December, you’ll be automatically refunded and the next payment will be withdrawn in January

    • New annual members - Purchases in December 2023 will have spreadsheet access until the end of December 2024

    • January - the January sheet will be released around the 5th of January - where possible we’ve included listings up until then.

  • Featured cinemas - Everyman, PictureHouse and Odeon cinemas have not been included - we have asked for their programmes, but haven't had a response

  • Commissions: We've created spreadsheet schedulers for Il Cinema Ritrovato '22 and '23 and Borderlines Film Festival '23 - if you're interested in commissioning a scheduler for your film festival or event, please email us at

  • Submissions - If you would like to submit a screening or programme, please use our submissions form.

  • Local cinema - to find your local rep screening cinema, see our map


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