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Il Cinema Ritrovato '22 Spreadsheet Scheduler

After the success of our first festival scheduler and all the kind words we received, we've created a version for Il Cinema Ritrovato 2022 (36th edition) - the full programme in a spreadsheet with a scheduling tool! Film festivals are (the best kind of) intense; our spreadsheet will calculate whether you can make it to the next screening in time and help you spot all those potential clashes!

To setup your scheduler:

  1. Click ‘File’ and ‘Make a Copy’

  2. To add a film to ‘My Schedule: ’Tick/check the ‘Add’ box ✅ (in column K) and the film will automatically appear.

  3. If you find you have a clash on ‘My Schedule’, or have changed your mind, check the ‘Leftovers’ ✅ box and it will go to the ‘Leftovers’ sheet. You can also delete the entire row if you need to.

Spreadsheet rules:

  • Don't change the name of the tabs or add films in very quick succession

  • The very first time you add a film, the script may take a few seconds to work

Tabs in the sheet:

  • Ritrovato 2022 - full film schedule

  • My Schedule - contains optional columns for:

    • Booked

    • Ticket # - based on the previous editions with pre-booking, we strongly recommend you make a note of your ticket numbers!

    • Seat

  • Live music screenings

  • On film screenings

  • Leftovers (the ones that got away)

  • Script (not to be edited)

Why spreadsheets when there's a programme? Spreadsheets allow for visually clear and filterable data and can be duplicated easily so the user can keep or edit their own version - this is useful to most people, but especially those that use screen readers, have visual processing disorders or ADHD.

If you have any questions or would like a similar scheduler for your events, email or tweet at @rep_cinema

With thanks to Ehsan Khoshbakht and the entire Il Cinema Ritrovato team for keeping the festival going throughout the pandemic - and with such a varied and wondrous lineup.

See you in Bologna!

Jasmine Soliman and Alexander Ross © 2022


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