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Il Cinema Ritrovato '24 Spreadsheet Scheduler

After the success of our previous schedulers, we have again created a spreadsheet scheduler for Il Cinema Ritrovato 2024 (38th edition) - the full programme in a spreadsheet with a scheduling tool!

Launched today, 11th June, to give you plenty of time before the festival booking opens tomorrow, you can plan out your screenings and (hopefully!) avoid any stressful clashes - the spreadsheet will calculate whether you can make it to the next screening in time. Where at all possible to know, we've allowed for introductions in our timings - so if Napoleon's runtime seems even longer than you thought, that's why.

We are unaffiliated with the festival and this is an entirely independent endeavour. If you love the scheduler please:

Please share this blogpost rather than the sheet directly, so that your friends have access to the instructions below. Above all else, have a splendid festival!

Many thanks to Mosa Mpetha and Elliot Newton for helping to check for errors.

To setup your scheduler:

  1. Click ‘File’ and ‘Make a Copy

  2. To add a film to ‘My Schedule': from the Ritrovato 2024 tab tick/check the ‘Add’ box ✅ (in column K) and the film will automatically appear after a brief moment.

  3. If you find you have a clash on ‘My Schedule’, or have changed your mind, check the ‘Leftovers’ ✅ box and it will go to the ‘Leftovers’ sheet. You can also delete the entire row if you need to.

Spreadsheet rules:

  • Don't change the name of the tabs

  • Don't tick films in very quick succession, or the script might not catch everything (we know it's exciting!)

  • The very first time you add a film, the script may take a few seconds to work

Tabs in the sheet:

screenshot of spreadsheet tabs of the Il Cinema Ritrovato 2024 spreadsheet scheduler
  • Ritrovato 2024 - full film schedule

  • My Schedule - contains optional columns for:

    • Booked

    • Ticket # - In previous years, the ticketing emails don't have the film title in the email subject, so you can make a note of it here if it helps

    • Seat

  • Live music screenings

  • On film screenings

  • Leftovers (the ones that got away)

Why spreadsheets when there's a programme? Spreadsheets allow for visually clear and filterable data and can be duplicated easily so the user can keep or edit their own version - this is useful to most people, but especially those that use screen readers, have visual processing disorders or ADHD.

For support, or if you would like a similar scheduler for your film festival, email or tweet at @rep_cinema

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Pedro Lã
Pedro Lã
15 jun


Thanks for all your work, great,

This year i found lots of mistakes My Schedule Tab (Cinema Ritrovato):

After add and/or selected films dont appear or appear without check box!

Some  appears that i never selected

Some repeated several times

The screenings at Auditorium DAMSLAB not on the lists.

Thank you all for you great work, and attention,

Best regards,

Pedro Lã

Me gusta
Jasmine Soliman
Jasmine Soliman
21 jun
Contestando a

Hi Pedro, if you make a copy of your sheet and share with us the link, we can take a look without messing up your data. The code is the same as previous years, the only caveat is that we rely on Google script and it takes a small delay to appear so in the instructions we say not to add in quick succession. What I might do for next year is lock the page until the row is added.

All the Damslab screenings that were published when the full programme was released should be there, please let us know if you see anything that isn't. We don't include the talks but, again, we probably will start doing so from…

Me gusta
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