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Il Cinema Ritrovato '21 Schedule Spreadsheet

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

A spreadsheet of every film screening at Il Cinema Ritrovato 2021, with a feature for adding screenings to your personal schedule with just the tick of a box!

  • Ritrovato 2021 - full film schedule

  • My Schedule - will populate upon ticking 'add' to any screening in the full programme (in your own copy) and contains additional columns for:

    • Booked

    • Ticket #

    • Seat

  • Instructions for making an editable copy of your own

  • All live music screenings

  • On film screenings

  • Script (not to be edited)

Why spreadsheets when there's a programme? Spreadsheets allow for visually clear and filterable data and can be duplicated easily so the user can keep or edit their own version - this is useful to most people, but especially those that use screen readers, have visual processing disorders or ADHD. Also, film festivals are (the best kind of) intense, so we're hoping that a personal scheduler to calculate whether you can make a dash to the next screening or to spot all those potential clashes, will help.

If you have any questions or would like a similar scheduler for your events, email contact[at]jasminesoliman[dot]com or tweet at @rep_cinema With thanks to Ehsan Khoshbakht and the entire Il Cinema Ritrovato team for keeping the festival going - in-person and online - and with such a varied and wondrous lineup.

Spreadsheet created by Jasmine Soliman and A. Ross © 2021

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