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Repertory Cinema London: September Spreadsheet

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

This month's spreadsheet contains over 470 repertory film screenings programmed in September at 25 cinemas across London. View all listings by:

To access the sheets, we ask that you become a supporter and help us make this work sustainable through Patreon or support us with a donation of your choosing through or Any disabled/neurodivergent or student users, those of pensionable age or receiving financial support, please contact us directly.

To find your local rep screening cinema, see our map or list of all cinemas by postcode.


Commission: We are hoping to connect with organisations involved in disability access to arts and culture and can be commissioned to create film festival scheduling spreadsheets.

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like a similar scheduler for your events, email us (Jasmine and Alex) at contact[at]jasminesoliman[dot]com or tweet at @rep_cinema If you would like to submit a screening of programme, please use our submissions form.

Note: We have not included Everyman, PictureHouse and Curzon cinemas. As cinemas continue to update their programs, listings will be added to the sheet as they become available.


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